Deepak Kumar, 22, UP Vasant Kumar, 19, UP Farooq Momin, 40, WB Matim Momin, 41, WB Parshuram Yadav, 35, WB Sailesh Rai, 36, Bihar Amjad Hussain, 30, Bihar Deven Kumar, 23, UP Shyamji Prasad, 30, Bihar Samar Pal, 35, UP Akbar Ansari, 23, WB Vipin Kumar, 26, UP Shiv Shankar Singh, 50, UP Deepak Sahane, 24, UP Bablu Mondal, 16, WB Shoren Burman, 52, WB Rajib Haldar, 35, WB Murtaza, 38, WB Shaqeel Ansari, 3o, Bihar Vinod Mondal, 21, WB Rajdeb Mondal, 19, WB Babar Sheikh, 23, WB Jamal Sheikh, 21, WB Mondal, 25, WB Akbar Sheikh, 50, WB Virender Kumar, 22, UP Vipin Kumar, 24, UP Joginder Mottal, 22, UP Mohit Kumar, 19, Bihar Roshan, 24, UP Satyam, 20, UP Abdullah Haji, 36, WB Burman, 23, WB Satya Mondal, 55, WB Ravinder Kumar, 48, Bihar Pankaj Rishi, 27, UP Raju, 19, Bihar Dev Mondal, 21, WB Abdul Manan, 48, West Bengal Vindesri Sondhi, 38, Uttar PradeshMuhammad Ansari, 40, Bihar

The 2010 Commonwealth Games (CWG) in New Delhi has a US$15.47 billion sticker price. The nameless migrant workers (nearly 200,000) who built these “state-of-the-art stadiums” and sports infrastructure earn as low as $2 a day, working and living under most appalling conditions. The media and critics made a stink about the Games village and facilities for the guests and athletes but not much has been spoken about the people who suffer in silence.

Every Law has been broken, Laws like the Payment of Wages Act, the Minimum Wages Act, the Contract Labor Act, the Equal Remuneration Act, the Interstate Migrant Workmen Act and the Building and Other Construction Workers Act. According to the high court monitoring committee’s report, these legislations have been flouted blindly. Most of the big contracting companies have paid a labor less than half his minimum wage. How? Many laborers have not been registered so they cannot claim benefits under the law. A People’s Union of Democratic Rights study shows that by denying CWG workers their rightful wages, contractors saved 360 crores (US $ 80 million) a year.

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“It was an obvious subject for somebody like Jodha who has for long been probing the subject of migrant workers in different parts of the country like tea gardens in the North East” The Hindu

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